FAQ Running

1. Does my running need to be analysed?

Very few runners run with good technique. Good running technique is not something that is innate and needs to be taught. Our modern life styles also can create muscle imbalances and poor postures which directly affects our running technique. The running analysis and functional movement will identify any weakness, imbalance and postural problems.

2. Will the run technique coaching sessions increase my running efficiency / make me faster?

Once a block of running technique sessions has been completed over a period of time, yes your running efficiency and speed over you selected distance will have increased.

3. I am a novice runner; do I really need this service?

If you have just started running or have entered a 10k, marathon or half marathon for the first time then this would be the best time to employ our services. With correct running technique you will less likely to pick up an injury and we can help you prepare a training plan so your goal is succeeded.

4. What do I need to bring with me to the Run Analysis?

You will need to bring your running shoes and running kit. Tight fitting clothing is best so not to interfere with the reflective markers. Also avoid bringing clothing with reflective marks on as they are picked up by the Qualysis system.


5. How long does the analysis take?

The running analysis and functional movement screen will take approximately one hour to complete.

6. How do I book?

Send us an e-mail with a tentative date and time and we will do our best to accommodate you.

FAQ Cycling

1. Do I need a bikefit?

The answer is probably yes. Very few riders that would not benefit from an accurate bike fit. Whether you're an elite level athlete looking at improving race day performance or a new and inexperienced rider looking to improve comfort or reduce injury risk, an accurate bike fit can help.

2. Will the bikefit increase my power output / make me faster?

In the short term an accurate bike fit may not make you faster. However it will make you more comfortable and put you in a riding position where you have the most potential to achieve your optimum results.


3. What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your bike, cycling shoes and clothes. Tight fitting clothes are best so the sticky markers do not move during the fit process.


4. How long does a fit take?

The fit should take around two hours however if major adjustments are needed it may take longer.


5. How do I book?

Send us an e-mail with a tentative date and time and we will do are best to accommodate you.

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